Product Description

ShoreBloc is the first product of its kind specifically designed to safely and effectively protect shorelines and sensitive eco-systems from the harmful effects of incoming water borne spills.


ShoreBloc is a specialized aggregation of larger amorphous alumina silicate granules that trap and encapsulate floating hydrocarbons as they make land fall.


ShoreBloc is effective in controlling heavy oils, crude oil, diesel and other fuels, as well as hydraulic fluids and marine out-drive lubricants.


ShoreBloc is the first line of defense for wading birds and marine life, and will greatly reduce the number of animals killed or harmed by floating oil. In major disaster spills, ShoreBloc has no equal in its abilility to naturally protect the environment while adding no harmful ingredients or chemicals, as do other types of competitive products. Because ShoreBloc contains no chemicals and is 100% inert, it can even be used to harmlessly and quickly remove oil from the fur and feathers of animals and birds affected by oil spills.


ShoreBloc is easily recovered for disposal with conventional equipment and requires no specializd machinery for deployment. It is available in bagged configurations for quick use, or is available in 1000 lb and 2000 lb super sacks for massive spills.


ShoreBloc can be deployed loosely in bulk at the edge of the water on shores and banks to work with the surf action to infiltrate and encapsulate floating oil. It can also be bagged in our specially designed re-usable sandbags for stacking and dyke building for extra protection from heavy surf or high water. Where rapid bulk distribution is required, ShoreBloc can be discharged with land based or floating air driven hose or cannon equipment for precise and adequate dispersion along shorelines.


As with all Moleculoc spill control products, ShoreBloc can be blended with any or all of our products to suit a special or particular application, and will even work well in any configuration of our patented re-usable socks, mats and booms for even greater flexibility.


For any floating spill that poses a threat to land and wildlife, ShoreBloc is always the best and most effective choice, naturally.