Fur and Feather

Moleculoc Fur and Feather Duster

Moleculoc's Fur and feather Duster is a much softer formulation of the original Moleculoc absorbent recipe. It is specifically designed to be less abrasive on the sensitive feather structures of shore and sea birds and the fur and skin of oil soaked marine animals.
It appeals to the natural instincts of these creatures that habitually use dust and sand to clean and preen themselves, while it aggressively removes and encapsulates the oily contamination that threatens them.
If ingested, the inert mineral product will pass harmlessly through the animal and is simply expelled naturally as waste.
In extreme cases, mild detergents are used to remove heavy saturations, but inevitably, the bird or animal is released to complete the job of cleaning itself. An enclosed compound containing Moleculoc Fur and Feather provides a dusting area where the process can be completed at the will of the contaminated victim.
Once rehabilitated, they can then be safely released back to the wild.