Frack-Loc Product description

Frack-Loc, a specially modified version of its EPA approved base product Moleculoc, has been developed for use in the hydro-fracturing or "fracking" process. This process involves the use of water, sand and other chemical additives that are introduced to natural gas wells under extremely high pressure, for the purpose of loosening and widening the gaps in cracks and fissures that occur in shale rock where vast stores of natural gas are trapped. The chemicals aid in lubricating the fractured rocks, making it easier for them to move apart thus providing more opportunities for the gas to escape into the well where it is then pumped out.

Frack sand is added to the fluid mixture to keep the expanded rocks from settling back together when the pressure is released. Gas molecules then find their way around the sand granules for extraction.

Nationally, many drilling and hydro-fracking operations have been shut down by state and federal agencies, and moratoriums have been placed on new drilling operations because of concerns that the chemicals used in fracking liquids are leaching into and polluting our aquifers with toxic substances.

After studying the issues both operational and environmental that stymie drilling operations and natural gas producers, then applying the real losses to towns, cities and counties that could stand to substantially gain economically from the development and production of their natural gas resources, Moleculoc now introduces what is likely to be a major game changer for both sides of the dispute between the need for economic growth through alternative energy development and the protection of our water and the environment.

What is Frack-Loc?

Frack-Loc is an inert, naturally occurring mineral that has been specially manufactured using a patented formula and process to enhance certain ionic bonding properties and maximize contact by other wet molecules with its micro-porous structures which allow certain molecules like water molecules to pass through, while capturing and sequestering other larger molecules through its unique ionic control of other molecules like hydrocarbons.  Through this process Frack-Loc maintains its incredibly strong structural integrity. Comparable to sand, in the size of its granules, Frack-Loc is the perfect alternative to sand in this application because it lets gas molecules pass through its self rather than forcing them to find their way around the compacted grains of sand. In effect, sand actually creates a certain barrier or resistance to the flow of gas because it is a solid and crystalline composition. 

Frack-Loc provides the same mechanical advantages as sand between the rocks, but its non-crystalline, micro-porous make up also creates literally billions more opportunities for gas molecules to find their way out of shale rock without having to find their way around sand "road blocks".

Frack-Loc also works to significantly reduce the amount of liquid chemicals needed to lubricate the rocks to let the gas slip out, which means much faster and safer extraction. That can only translate into savings in time and dollars and more profits for gas producers with far less potential danger to the environment.

Any other uses for Frack-Loc?

Frack-Loc is the perfect molecular sieve. It's an ideal filter for water containing almost any kind of contamination. Besides its ability to let water and other smaller molecules pass through, Frack-Loc has a powerful natural ionic bonding property that actually sorts and sequesters many molecules like those found in diesel oil and other chemicals commonly used in fracking liquids.

While water molecules (hydrogen and oxygen) are far too small to get caught up in the porous molecular structures of the mineral, others are too large to pass through and are trapped within the mineral forever, never to be released back to the environment. Once trapped, these molecules are attracted by the ionic draw, or electromagnetic mastering that occurs between themselves and the mineral, thus permanently encapsulating them with its powerful bond.

Frack-Loc actually cleans most of the harmful ingredients in frack-water that have been either pumped out of the well, released when a drill is pulled or when pressure causes the liquid to erupt up and out of the well.

Frack-Loc can also be used as a loose absorbent or in our interchangeable mobile filtering systems built on tractor trailer frames. Their job is to cleanse liquids deliberately pumped from collection wells. The water, now meeting standards for storm water run off, does not need to be pumped to waste water treatment facilities. It can be cleansed and recycled for re-use as hydro-fracking water again and again. That saves millions of dollars in operational expenses and greatly enhances productivity and profits.

What happens to the used Frack-Loc?

Like all Moleculoc products, even used Frack-Loc has another life if used properly and should never see the inside of a landfill.

The federal EPA and state regulatory guidelines provide for a "Beneficial Use Determination" which allows a product that has passed certain levels of testing to be repurposed rather than thrown away as waste. This helps to keep a resource out of landfills and reused in value added products that are not only useful but economically beneficial and environmentally responsible.

In the case of Frack-Loc, once it has been used to its optimum capacity, it becomes a value added product that is simply added to road bed construction materials, asphalt and concrete products like road barriers, retaining wall blocks, curbing, bridge work and a host of other useful applications.

There are many ways in which Frack-Loc actually provides the user with a return on investment, and protects our environment at the same time.

Frack-Loc will soon become the new standard in the hydro-fracking industry, not only for natural gas drilling, but for utility water and drinking water wells too. These wells also sometimes require the use of hydro-fracking (without the chemicals) to enhance the flow of water by enlarging the veins of water that feed the well.

Because Frack-Loc is a naturally occurring mineral with absolutely no chemical additives. It is the perfect solution to any hydro-fracking application and poses no environmental threat of any kind.

In terms of availability, we have over two hundred million lbs on the floor with another six hundred million pounds at our disposal, according to the US Geological Survey. We can produce over one million pounds per day for over one hundred years before opening one of the other five mines on this site. Moleculoc has priority rights to the highest quality and the largest strategic resource of this mineral on earth and it's right here in the United States.

Transportation by truck, rail, air-freight and cargo ship ensure large volume delivery capabilities to any location in the world easily and economically.

Frack-loc is available in dry bulk, either directly into dump trailers and rail cars, or in 2000 pound super sacks for ease of handling. It can also be made available in fifty and twenty five pound 6mil poly bags.

Solidification Operations using Frack-Loc

The extraction and solidification of suspended organics and the solidification of drill cuttings and other production materials is a burgeoning business and is a necessary part of the drilling process. Frack-Loc provides outstanding solidification capabilities that employ all of the unique filtering and encapsulation properties outlined earlier. No high tech machinery or processes are needed to handle these operations, in fact satisfactory results are immediately achieved simply by tumbling in a conventional Trammel or Pug mill, resulting in a finished product at the end of the process that is now prepared for resale as a value added material for use in asphalt production, road bed aggregate and concrete products.

The direct and hidden hazardous waste costs to the generator are eliminated and a new profit center is actually created just by using Frack-Loc in the solidification process. Unlike fly ash and other non-reusable products that add to the bulk weight and total cost to dispose of the waste, Frack-Loc literally converts costs into profit, shortens and streamlines the process, and saves the user valuable production time and untold expense, adding real dollars back to the bottom line.

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