Moleculoc Gulf BoomTM


MolecuLoc Floating Absorbent Booms


  MolecuLoc Floating Absorbent Booms are engineered and manufactured in the U.S. from domestic materials to answer the need for an inexpensive and environmentally responsible alternative to competitive products which typically contain inferior products such as corn husks, cotton fibers and cellulose (paper and wood fiber) materials that must be disposed of as hazardous solid waste.

  Although these products are marginally effective, they can be expensive to purchase and certainly expensive to dispose of after use.

  Weight to absorption ratios suggest that these products possess less than optimal absorbent capacity, and offer no encapsulation capabilities.

Our booms are designed to be light weight, inexpensive and highly absorbent. Often up to twenty times their own weight and work on proprietary encapsulation technologies that have made MolecuLoc products the new global standard in spill control and mitigation.

Special features include:

*Super absorbent, light weight, MolecuLoc brand Sea Scrub floating absorbent granules. This product is recognized as an approved product by the US Dept of Environmental Protection and is safe for direct application and collection directly on the water. See our certifications and MSDS information online at

*100% UV rated polyester woven fabric shell with Rip-Stop. A characteristic that is highly resistant to tearing under normal use.

*High strength ¼" poly cord through the entire length with corrosion resistant swaged eyelets for end to end connectivity.

Note: Sea Scrub absorbent granules are recyclable as an aggregate component in the manufacture of asphalt, cold patch and other road bed products. Lightly used product can be used as a additive in light weight concrete products too. These unique advantages save hundreds of dollars in disposal costs, reduce the volume of material going to landfills and create value added and environmentally responsible,  profitable products that are always in need.

Standard sized include: 5-6 and 8" diameter booms in ten and twenty foot lengths. Custom sizes can be made quickly and cost effectively with delivery in days, not weeks.

 Specific bulk density is about 4 lbs per cubic foot. Our standard 6 inch by twenty foot boom contains approximately four cubic feet of material or 16 lbs. per boom and all booms are available either individually or in palletized, shrink wrapped bulk quantities.




Diameter:  5", 6", 8", 10" 12" and custom

Length:     10', 20' and custom


Up to 20 gal. 10' per boom



20. lbs. per 10' boom