Coastal Protection

Moleculoc plays an important role in keeping our land, water ways and coastal regions clean and safe for wildlife as well as humans. We feel it is everyone's responsibility to do their part in protecting the environment. We are excited about doing our part within a greater plan.


    The Federal EPA has recently been encouraged to enforce the 'Clean Water Act' of the 90's. With this new mandate comes stricter enforcement and interpretation of the law. Therefore, it is Moleculoc's position to encourage you to understand your individual state's disposal laws regarding used absorbents. Each state has the ability to strengthen the Federal Requirements.

    The following is the Federal EPA guidlines regarding such absorbents.

    Federal Register: November 18, 1992, Part 2. 40 CFR Parts 260 et al. Hazardous Waste Management; Liquids in Landfills; Rule

    Please note the following points:

    • Moleculoc is a land based absorbent
    • Moleculoc products are not biodegradable
    • Sea Scrub is listed on the approved EPA Product list
    • Sea Scrub is meant to float and meets the EPA guidlines for Water Bourne Spills