BioLoc and BioLoc Sterilizing Solidifier  (SS)


BioLoc tm is a purpose built specialty absorbent product that utilizes standard Moleculoc as a base ingredient for its formulation. This gives BioLoc all of the superior absorptive qualities as its parent product, while inclusions of certain other natural and inert minerals enhances those abilities and allows BioLoc to provide some very distinct advantages over other types of bio-hazardous clean up alternatives.


How does it work?


  BioLoc immediately begins the molecular separation and absorption of all liquids but specifically targets bio-hazardous liquids such as blood, vomit, urine, feces and other bodily fluids. On contact it begins the process of correcting ph levels while simultaneously immediately killing harmful bacteria and pathogens, making it much safer to clean up these types of spills.

*The original BioLoc formula is a loose granular absorbent product that is applied directly onto a liquid spill. When used as directed, the spill is immediately absorbed and treated. The affected area is then swept or vacuumed clean and the result is a dry, sterile surface with no further need for immediate mopping or disinfecting.


BioLoc Sterilizing Solidifier tm,


 like BioLoc, is engineered to completely treat bio-hazardous spills with the added ability to encapsulate any liquid, transforming it into an easily and safely handled solid form, literally on contact. This unique advantage helps keep trauma centers and operating facilities free from the dangers of potentially infectious blood and other bodily fluids, and will perform especially well in military and civilian field hospitals and emergency /disaster response scenarios.

*This is an absolutely critical advantage in disaster relief efforts where no sanitary conditions or good clean up alternatives exist for long periods of time. By reducing or eliminating exposure of potentially infectious fluids, the already over taxed surgical and treatment facilities can operate more safely. BioLoc SS adds a much greater level of protection for both the medical teams and their patients.


BioLoc and BioLoc SS are highly effective at immediately treating raw sewage and septic wastes and are extremely useful in controlling cholera and other diseases present in disaster situations and where no proper toilet facilities exist.


  Used BioLoc SS can be very safely transported for disposal or incineration without leaking or exposure to the environment. Bacteria and pathogens are destroyed instantly and molecularly encapsulated in an inert, non-toxic semi-solid gel that will not leach its treated contents back into the environment.


  Please handle all known and suspected biological spills as potentially infectious waste. Use proper clean up protocol and wear protective clothing. Take responsible precautions to insure your personal safety and the safety of others. Dispose of all bio-hazardous materials in accordance with local laws and regulations.