1. How do I know if  the material is all used up?

A: Moleculoc will simply stop working effectively. To regain its strength, add virgin Moleculoc to the used material and it will regain 70% of its ability.

2. Can I dispose the used material in my trash?

A: Typically you can in most states. Some states have raised the level of compliance to a stricter level. Please check with your state and local codes to ensure compliance.

3.  How does Moleculoc compare with Speedi Dri?

A: Moleculoc is an encapsulater (ABSORBENT) where clay based products are actualy ADSORBENTS. The difference is simple. An ABSORBENT has nooks and crannies that encapsulate the Hydrocarbon where an ADSORBENT uses surface tension to cling to the Hydrocarbon. All clay based materials are ADSORBENTS and therefore shed the hydrocarbon when it gets wet or sweats in a landfill. This is why Moleculoc is accepted in most landfills.


4.  Is moleculoc safe around my kids and pets?

A. Yes. Moleculoc is made of an inert volcanic pumice. The dust may be an irritant and we recommend using a
dust mask as a precaution. We DO NOT recomend allowing anyone to swallow this product.