About Us

Moleculoc, LLC became a NH registered entity on March 17th 2009.  It has three (3) Members and one (1) employee.


Lou Niles; President and patent holder of the Moleculoc product line. He was originally from Groveton, and now resides in Whitefield, NH. Lou served in the Army's 101st Airborne Div. receiving an Honorable discharge in 1996. He is an active member of the NH High Tech Council and has an extensive background in manufacturing, product development and design. Lou is an accomplished draftsman and professional master craftsman. He has designed and patent several paradigm shift technologies for the disaster relief industry and has created other environmental products with a dedicated focus on local economic growth initiatives.


His future interests include the creation of new energy technologies for cold climate applications and the development of the regions first eco-industrial research park.


Barry Normandeau; Treasurer, Secretary; He resides in Lancaster, NH.

Since 1994 Barry has been the sole owner and President of Normandeau Trucking, Inc of Groveton, NH. The company is a NH S-Corp with several DBA's - Waste Services, Moving Services, McCormack Whitco Memorials, and Normandeau Stone.


The core company has been a family based business since 1937. It is a regional as well as national and international award winning company that enjoys a very good reputation.


Barry has enjoyed two previous careers in international professional sports as well as being an Executive Tour Producer to a major record label. 


He is very active in local and state job initiatives and has played a vital role in stabilizing the area economy. Barry has also chaired several high profile non-profit organizations as well.


Robert Larson; Vice President and General Manager.  Originally from Barrington NH, in 2003, he and his wife Sue moved to Groveton.  Rob served in the Navy and is a Vietnam Vet with an Honorable discharge where he was tasked with creating the first jet engine control center on a U.S. carrier. Rob has also been in manufacturing as a process control technician, electrician and supervisor. He was involved with GTE and the Star Wars program during the 1980's. From that tenure he is co-associate on 16 patents involving Flat Panel Display Technology.


He has also owned several businesses in marketing and sales. Rob created New Millennium Consulting in 1995 and sold it in 2001. He had built it to a 3million dollar a year sales organization across 42 states. Rob and Barry created the GREAT Committee at the request of Governor Lynch in 2004.


He is involved in several job initiatives in Groveton, NH and is also an elected official.