Product Description

SeaScrub floating absorbent granules are designed to contain and absorb water borne spills that occur frequently at docks and marinas, as well as accident scenes where fuels and oils are released into the water. It is highly effective for larger releases like crude oil and diesel that can devastate shorelines and kill aquatic life.


SeaScrub works well on fresh, salty or brackish water to control and encapsulate hydrocarbon spills safely and quickly.


SeaScrub is a highly micro-porous mineral derived from pure volcanic glass that has been super heated to cause the small sugar sized granules to hyper-expand, similar to corn being popped to make popcorn. The heating process creates billions more air spaces in the mineral which allows it to float more easily on water and oil.


The "popping" of the raw mineral does not diminish its ability to do what it does best, which is to work at the molecular level to sort and sequester certain types of molecules like hydrocarbons, so that they can then be safely and effectively removed from the surface of the water for proper disposal.


Because SeaScrub is a 100% naturally occurring inert mineral with no chemical additives, it is by far the safest absorbent to use on open water and in sensitive eco-systems like marshes and ponds. Any SeaScrub granules that do not make contact with the spill will eventually sink to the bottom where they present absolutely no immediate or long term danger to the environment or wildlife. In fact, SeaScrub can be ingested by any human or wildlife including fish and it will simple pass harmlessly through the digestive system where it is expelled naturally as waste.


SeaScrub will not induce or promote the bloom of algae or impact the environment in any negative way.


The application of SeaScrub is as simple as broadcasting it freely on the spill area where it immediately begins to control and encapsulate floating contaminates. In most cases, when used as directed, there will be no "rainbow sheen" left behind, as is commonly seen when oil is present on water.


Used SeaScrub can also be blended with ShoreBloc and Moleculoc versions to completely mitigate or remediate all types of water borne spills.


SeaScrub has even been successfully used to remediate coal tar seepage on water and is very effective for use as a silt and soil mitigation tool, easily removing hydrocarbons from the contaminated soils it is mixed with.